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Luxury tourbillon watches A upgraded version of this timeless Tambour, the very first watch LV ever published back in 2002, motivated by the home bag which famous monogram which you may have seen around a little, the Tambour Icons collection is smart, easy and both amazing to check at and superbly made many-headed hydra of some Luxury tourbillon mega new, the watch side of Louis Vuitton's company can occasionally fly beneath the radar than celeb-catnip bag, the awards show-defining dominates , the high-high-high-end streetwear and, needless to say, that the monogrammed wireless cans (would you dare use them onto the bus) , but in your own radar their watches ought to be.
With a quartz movement (they are back!) They've patented a strap system which means it is simpler than ever to swap 1 leather strap for a different. Despite having over two years at the sport, LV has constructed an impressive stable of home watches, going so far as to release its own spin on a tourbillon watch, which much-mythologised complication which is both exceedingly tough to create and quite expensive. Though the Tambour Icon keeps it easy in regards to what is inside the instance, its clean layout, quality build and prosperity of customisation options makes it a fantastic selection for a daily-use luxury tourbillon watch.
In addition, it usually means you could fit your watch to a LV back, and it is a large power transfer.